"What I cannot create, I do not understand." – R. Feynman
Jonas Kubilius

Summary of: Development of grouping principles

In the upcoming Oxford Handbook of Perceptual Organization from our lab, Quinn & Bhatt (2013) discuss how the developmental trajectory of grouping principles. Here I summarize key findings.

General idea: Certain grouping principles might be innate while the rest develop quickly though possibly at different time courses.

Innate core principles:

Learned by 3-4 months (using the core principles via attentional enhancement and group persistency (unitization) mechanisms, see Quinn & Bhatt, 2009Quinn & Bhatt, 2011Brunswik & Kamiya, 1953):

Learned by 6-7 months (but accessible by 3-4 months, see Quinn & Bhatt, 2005b):

Development continues into adolescence…